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CFIS Group, Inc.

Columbus Fleet Industrial Supply
Canton Fleet Industrial Supply
Canton First Aid & Safety

We have been committed to providing quality products since 1974 serving our customers with the best pricing possible and helping customers lower the cost related to their repair and maintenance supplies.

Stocking over 20,000 MRO parts, with another 30,000 MRO parts available for quick delivery from Strategically Located Venders.

In today's global market, companies have to compete at lower margins each year to stay competitive, continually looking to lower the cost of their operation. CFIS Group offers the opportunity to reduce the cost associated with stocking and maintaining inventory levels on fasteners, shop supplies, and repair small parts, by keeping our cost of operation low, and negotiating with our suppliers for the best cost possible on every item.

Primary markets we service include:


• Agriculture

• Automotive Repair

• Chemical Plants

• Commercial

• Construction

• Farm Equipment

• Food Processing Plants

• Fleet Maintenance

• Government

• Heavy Equipment

• Injection Molders

• Institution

• Manufacturing

• Marine Repair

• Oil Drilling

• Paper Mills

• School Maintenance & Bus Repair

• Ship Yards

CFIS Group Goals:


• Lower your cost of purchasing and payables for the processing of small orders.

• Lower your storeroom inventory.

• Reduce number of suppliers needed.

• Reduce labor cost sourcing supplies.

• Allow you more time to focus on your core business.

• Increase your competitive advantage.

• Provide personal on-site service.

Unlike our competition, we do not quote low pricing just to have you switch suppliers, then gain your trust, only to slowly raise the salesman's commissions and your pricing. Does this sound familiar? Well, that is what our competitors love to do, or the famous, "Oh, I am sorry the computer was suppose to have you on fleet pricing."

The one we love the most is: "All CFIS is doing is low-balling the price, I will match the price". What they mean is: tell me the items I have to sell at normal pricing, so I can charge you high prices on the other 8,000 part numbers you buy, besides you will forget about the pricing issue after time anyway.